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i. You shall be entitled to return to us any defective products provided you notify us of your intention to return the item (together with the reason for the return) within seven (7) days of date of purchase.

ii. the product is returned unopened & without damage to the packaging/seals

iii. Opened items older than 7 days will not be credited or refunded at all. All opened/unsealed returns of functional products within 7 days will be subject to a handling fee determined by the manager, whether the product was used or not. This handling fee could be up to 25% depending on the product state or damage to packaging/seals.

iv. All unwanted returns of ordered (non-store stock) products in working order are subject to handling fees if the error/issue was not the fault of Wonder Computers. Handling fees on such items will be charged even if the item is still sealed! Check the product specifications and whether it satisfies your specific requirements before you decide to purchase. Read reviews and ask before you decide to purchase.

v. Products that are returned damaged, older than 7 days or with any missing components, boxes, or accessories (such as manuals, warranty cards or other materials belonging to that item) will NOT be credited.

vi. Wonder Computers cannot be held responsible for incompatibilities between any item(s) purchased and any of your existing hardware or software that we were not made aware of. This problem is especially prevalent when dealing with notebook/motherboard RAM upgrades. Check and make sure the RAM modules are on your device's memory QVL. Handling fees will apply when opened incompatible RAM modules are returned.

vii. Software & consumables products cannot be returned/exchanged at all under any circumstances. This is due to international licensing conventions used in these products. Consumables are prone to malfunction if not cared for properly.

viii. Refunds: Opened products still in working order will not be refunded under any circumstances. Check the product for damage before accepting and signing for it. Check the product specifications and whether it satisfies your specific requirements before you purchase.

ix. Please take care during component assembly or installation. Physical damage of any kind such as broken clips or bent pins are not covered by the product warranty. Also be aware that many components are sensitive to static damage. Handle with care, always earth yourself first and do not directly touch exposed electronics or the contact points of expansion cards. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean your PC or components!

x. Motherboard socket damage/bent pins = warranty void, no exceptions. Even if the motherboard arrived dead in the box and the socket then gets damaged afterwards, the warranty will still be void! When returning a naked motherboard please remember to install the provided plastic CPU socket protector and place the motherboard inside an anti-static bag. If you are not comfortable with or equipped for PC assembly work, rather allow our technical staff to assemble/install the CPU or other components for you. Labour fees may apply.

xi. Wonder Computers cannot be held responsible for incorrect, uninformed, or incompatible purchase decisions. Please ask a friendly salesperson if you are unsure about the specifications or in need of advice. Wonder Computers cannot be held responsible for purchase decisions or assumptions which later turn out to be incompatible or out-dated.